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Launch of Marriage Equality Campaign #oddoneout

Marriage Equality

We are very excited to take part in this important campaign, run by Youth Work Ireland and Northern Ireland Youth Forum through their Youth Network for Peace Programme. This youth led social media campaign is aimed at supporting marriage equality in Norther Ireland and showcases personal opinions of young people on why marriage equality is important.

How to get involved:

If you are a young person in Northern Ireland or one of the six border counties and want to get involved in this social media campaign to support marriage equality and have your message heard read on!

Our campaign is a photo campaign using social media. If you want to get involved take a photo of yourself holding a sign with one sentence saying what marriage equality means to you and email us a copy of your photo with signed consent forms and also one of the relevant Peace IV participation forms – Under 16 available here and 16 and over available here for everyone in the photo. Please send on all the above to [email protected] once received we will schedule your photo as part of our campaign.

This Youth Network For Peace project involves;

Special EU Programmes Body – SEUPB — with Irish Youth Foundation, Young Farmers’ Clubs of Ulster, Fóram na nÓg, YouthAction Northern Ireland, NIYF and Co-operation Ireland and Foróige.

@SEUPB #YouthNetworkforPeace#PeaceIV