Outcomers Publications

Outcomers' LGBT Awareness and Information Publications

The following are a selection of information leaflets, publications and booklets produced by Outcomers over the years. To enquire about receiving hard copies of any of these, please contact us at info@outcomers.org.


Outcomers Trifold

Our basic information leaflet... Outside, Inside


LesBiGay... youth booklet

Snapshots of LGB youth experiences, and tips on how to be an ally. (Outcomers & Pobal, 2007)


Family Matters

The Experiences of some families of lesbian and gay people in Dundalk. (Outcomers & Clarity, 2008)


AIM Youth Service Leaflet

A double-sided leaflet for Outcomers' Youth Service. (2010)


'Do The Survey' Report

The report from our 2010 LGBT Youth needs analysis for the region.


Young LGBT People Talking 

A booklet sharing the experiences of young LGBT people growing up in (the NE Region of) Ireland. (2013)


Are You? 

Leaflet side 1, Leaflet side 2, Postcard side 1, Postcard side 2

Resource and Information on Same-Sex Domestic Abuse. (Outcomers & Cosc, 2014)


Towards Anti-Cyberbullying

An LGBT e-book resource against online bullying, developed by young people for young people. (Outcomers & LGBT-Accept Cyprus, 2014/2015)

27 Jun 2016 - New Resource for Trans Youth!

Coming Soon: Our brand-new "Young Trans People Talking" booklet

27 Jun 2016 - Dundalk LGBT Pride 2016

It's nearly here! 14-17 July!

27 Jun 2016 - Dublin Pride 2016

Thanks to all who joined our float!

27 Jun 2016 - NEWS UPDATE!

Click here for what's been keeping us busy

19 Feb 2016 - NEW Publications Page

Due to ongoing demand, we've finally uploaded our publications (old and new) onto our site. Check out it out through our 'Services' tab.

09 Feb 2016 - Safer Internet Day 2016

Tuesday 9th Feb 2016 is Safer Internet Day. Outcomers is taking part by re-launching our LGBT anti-cyberbullying e-book online: click on this news link for more information!