Homophobic Bullying in Schools

LGBT young people (or those perceived to be) are often subjected to harassment and bullying in school.

The following text has been taken from BeLonGTo's "This booklet is so Gay"

Everyone has the right to an environment free from harassment and fear. Your school should have an anti-bullying policy, and under the Education Act and the Equal Status Act it is legally responsible to provide a safe place free from intimidation.

Many of us have been bulied in school. If you are being bullied it's important to remember that you are not alone and it's likely to be a reflection on the bully's low self-esteem, and not on you as a person.

Sexuality is a deeply personal aspect of each individual. No one has a right to comment or pass judgement on who you are.

If you are being bullied talk to someone you trust - a close friend, your school counsellor, a teacher you feel comfortable with, or call the any of the following:

Dundalk Outcomers: 042 9322915

BeLonGTo Youth Project: 01 8734184

Outhouse: 01 8734932

or you can get online support from www.belongto.org

27 Jun 2016 - New Resource for Trans Youth!

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27 Jun 2016 - Dundalk LGBT Pride 2016

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27 Jun 2016 - Dublin Pride 2016

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09 Feb 2016 - Safer Internet Day 2016

Tuesday 9th Feb 2016 is Safer Internet Day. Outcomers is taking part by re-launching our LGBT anti-cyberbullying e-book online: click on this news link for more information!